— Algoma University residence award

for someone who doesnt talk you are good at writing emails

— AstronautGuy

Somtimes I just dont know.

— DontRideMyNick

kfarwell just sucks at life

— fire219

kfarwell is a level 14 freetard

— fire219

kfarwell should fuck off

— fire219

If I was a female I would have your babies

— jstep33

kfarwell can also work magic lol, I can confirm this

— jstep33

yeah I don't understand but I'm not going to question or judge kfarwell's actions

— krourke

you're well on your way to becoming a super user kfarwell

— krourke

Oh my god i hate you

— lilplantprincess

i change names more often then kfarwell goes on a period

— mushmouth aka xcelq aka zpfv9q

mfw kfarwell a dumb cia nigger

— mushmouth

I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong impression, but I'd rather stay friends.

— Redacted

Are you 5 years old? I have seen better pictures from 2 year olds.

— Res

kfarwell, girls want ur trouser snake

— singlexjsajch

You, sir, are a REAL BOSS.

— Smiley Magnus

some friend you are kfarwell

— squid

so what kfarwell you don't have feelings

— squid