SleekXMPP MUC bot for gelato.

Depends on SleekXMPP, fortune, bullshit (works with p9p rc), dictd, weather-util, wikipedia2text, and wtf (bsdgames).

Fortune databases (8870 fortunes and counting!) and giphy script available on the downloads page. Put fortunes in the directory that you run gelatobot from, and put giphy in your $PATH.


!9front, !aiju, !alvaro, !dougfacts, !drumpf, !eekee, !erik, !fire219, !fortune, !greg, !jfloren, !joy, !ken, !kenji, !kfarwell, !krourke, !lf94, !martian67, !mira, !mushmouth, !mveety, !pet, !realquotes, !rminnich, !roa, !rob, !rsc, !sl, !squid, !terry, !theo, !troll, !trump, !uriel, !werchan, !ygs: print a random, hopefully interesting, adage
!bullshit: agile general-purpose content-driven injection bullshit layer over XMPP
!dict word: print definitions of word
!giphy tag: display gif related to tag
!roll: print a random number 0-99
!search query: print fortunes containing query
!weather: print weather conditions and forecasts
!whatis command: print the manual page description of command
!wikipedia article: print the wikipedia page for article
!wtf acronym: print the translation of acronym
!help: print this message

Also prints video titles and durations when YouTube links are posted.


Distributed under the MIT license.